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Company Profile

Chennai Window systems Pvt Ltd has pioneered uPVC windows and doors in India with world class technology. We have a unique way of customizing the unending whims of customers. We are wholly dedicated to bring the latest in advancement technology and apply to the changing times in the produce of uPVC doors and windows. We manufacture and supply a complete suite of uPVC doors and windows at competitive prices.

Our uPVC products can withstand all weather conditions irrespective of the region where you live.  Compared to traditional windows/doors, uPVC windows/doors are well designed to bar sounds that cause noise pollution making your home/office absolutely sound proof. These windows and doors are capable enough to replace an entire wall to suit your fancies and are highly customized to suit every home in its elegance.

Director Profile

Our Directors Mr. K. Chandra Sekar and Mr. S. Anandakumar established Chennai Window systems Pvt Ltd with an aim of producing quality uPVC products. They both have more than 10 years of experience in the uPVC manufacturing field. Their relevant experience helps in providing guidance to the company for the profitable growth. Moreover, their innovative skills also help to understand the client’s constraints. They both have a broad network of peers, contacts, resources and references to develop the business. They constantly contribute their suggestions and opinions to employees to support the clients in the most possible manner.


To become a pioneer in uPVC doors/windows manufacturing, To design and develop quality products at competitive price, To introduce new uPVC products for special manufacturing purpose, To follow business ethics and excel in customer service


Chennai Window systems Pvt Ltd., has perfection in production of high quality uPVC doors and windows. High quality goods are made by combining quality raw materials and latest production techniques with a specialized and experienced team in a well organized facility. All our products are strictly manufactured by following European Standards. Our products are made from a special mixture formed by adding components increasing strength against strokes, color pigments, stabilizers and filling materials into PVC raw material obtained by polymerization of vinylchlorine monomer. The manufactured products are subjected to crucial tests before delivering, such as stroke resistance, corner strength, welding suitability, measure changes after waiting in hot, behavior after waiting in hot, color peculiarity against weather conditions, determination of vicat softening temperature, charpy stroke resistance, and mechanical resistance against weather conditions. Their appearance, color, brightness, size and measurements and surface are always subject to control..


Our state-of-art manufacturing unit helps us to manufacture one of the best quality uPVC doors/windows available in the market at present. Our manufacturing unit is sprawled in an area of 15000 sq ft near Porur, Chennai. It is well equipped with advanced tools and equipments. We have more than 40 employees who are well experienced and dedicated. Our team comprises of:
• Technical Team
• Administrative Team
• Marketing Team